KU 15 KU-15 is a very effective antifoaming agent used to control foam formation in the diffusion of beet sugar juice. When KU-15 is fed at the start of the process it provides satisfactory foam control in the juice extraction and purification processes. For the product spec sheet click here.
KUCB 9 KUCB-9 is a surface active product for use in the crystallization aid and in the processing of beet and cane sugar. KUCB-9 can be added to raw sugar and refinery vacuum pans to improve pan circulation. For the product spec sheet click here.
KUC 20 KUC-20 is a specially formulated antifoam for use in beet sugar processing. It permits effective and economical foam control in the process of diffusion, liming, carbonation, filtration, evaporation, crystallization, purging and handling of juice, syrup and molasses. It is effective in both sugar factories and in molasses desugarization (Steffen House) plants. For the product spec sheet click here.
KUF 100 KUF-100 is a yellowish oily liquid based on high quality antifoaming materials.  It is intended for use in the yeast, alcohol, and antibiotics industries for the control of foam formation in the production process. For the product spec sheet click here.



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